How does sole depth vary at set dorsal wall lengths in Holstein Friesians?
Beth Reilly et al.
Metatarsal exostoses – another potential cause of chronic lameness in cattle.
Roger Blowey & Nick Bell
DD at different sites and in different species’ (aka Bovine Ischaemic Teat Necrosis: another role for digital dermatitis treponemes?)
Roger Blowey et al.
Antibiotic lameness treatments: A low hanging fruit?
Robert Hyde & Jon Huxley
Non-healing claw lesions. Fact or fiction?
Sara Pedersen
Assessment of field audits for professional foot trimmers.
Tim Carter et al.
 Lely Meteor - Total hoof health approach got automatic milking systems.
Anneke Gouw et al.
The Importance of Good Feet and Leg Conformation
Henry Richardson & Jessica Edwards
Using Your Herd as a Mobility Monitor
Michael Whittaker

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